Black Friday: Buy your house in Puerto Morelos, the heart of the Riviera Maya!


This Black Friday, buying your house in Puerto Morelos, the hidden gem in the Mexican Caribbean, can be the best opportunity of your life. By buying your Venice model house at Quinta Maretta , you can get a discount of 1,000 USD!

The opportunity to buy a house in Puerto Morelos with this great promotion will last only during November, so you should take advantage of all the benefits of living near the sea, because this investment will have one of the best real estate capital gains in the market, so in a few years you can enjoy great benefits that will be reflected in your economy.

Why take advantage of this offer?

You must take advantage of this Venice model offer; it is a unique opportunity of the Mexican Caribbean real estate market, which includes: 3 or 4 bedrooms, living room, TV room (on the second floor), 2 parking spaces, walk-in closet in the main room, area wash, and 3 full bathrooms. This house also includes a ceramic floor, integral kitchen (without appliances), 1.1 L water tank, as well as the preparation to install air conditioners and stationary tank. Also, when you buy your house in Puerto Morelos, model Venice, you can obtain the deeds of your new home, so we will help you save time on paperwork.

What should I consider buying a house with Quinta Maretta?

With Quinta Maretta, in addition to having a personalized service by expert real estate consultants, you will also have these benefits:

Real estate advisors that clarify all your doubts

Documentation in order during the entire purchase process

Our highly trained real estate consultants will help you with all your paperwork and give you the best tips to enjoy the benefits of living in Puerto Morelos.


Don’t think it twice, come and enjoy living in Puerto Morelos, heart of the Riviera Maya, with Quinta Maretta!

    ¡A sólo 5 minutos de la playa!

    Casas y departamentos desde
    $2,050,000 MXN





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